According to a practical Educationist, curriculum is all the experiences that learners have in the course of living a wholesome life. In true education, the planned & guided learning experiences & intended outcomes, formulated through the systematic reconstruction of knowledge & experiences under the auspices of the school, for the learners' continuous & willful growth in personal social competence can be termed as curriculum.


  • To induce students to adapt to the innovative learning methods with ease & interest.
  • Taking care that the concepts & content are truly learned & remembered fairly well.
  • Shaping the behaviors & attitudes of the learners by being role models ourselves (teachers).
  • With the country's culture & scientific heritage, the student should feel involved with the rest of the world while learning.
  • To be guided through the scholastic life so as to make a niche in life.
  • Inculcating deep insight into whatever is learnt, be it any subject.
  • Curriculum is not only raw material, but the warmth that is the vital element for the growing plant & for the soul of the child.
  • Maintain high standards in order to maneuver students on the road to higher education leading them to a career oriented life.
  • Besides being the contents of a subject, with concepts & tasks to be acquired along with planned activities; the desired learning outcomes & experiences should take with it the product of culture & an agenda to reform society.
  • Ultimately the student would acquire worthwhile knowledge, skills & values planned in terms of a framework of theory & research or past & present professional practice.
  • Exposure to a wholesome range of activities which allow the student to develop control & coordination of movement with an awareness of the environment through the use of the five senses.
  • Make use of a multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories, & language experiences to bring meaning to learning or reading or writing.
  • Make use of activity based programmes that allow students to have hands on experience in learning mathematical concepts.

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